Friday, June 15, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday (on Friday)

What a fun idea! After visiting Rocks in My Dryer (while you are there, be sure to vote for her kiddo in the Fruity Cheerios Contest) and adding this site to the Works-For-Me-Wednesday list, I realized I'd have to add my first WFMW post on Friday. That's what I get for not reading the directions.

Today, not only was it hot, it rained all day. After the boys grew tired of running in the rain, they came inside looking for something to do. They both love crafty things, so we pulled out our collection of activity books and they decided to make a Tie Card from "Things to Make for Dads". It will be a fun surprise for Father's Day and the boys are so proud of their work and that they made it themselves. Nicholas, our 7 year old made the card on the left with all of the bright colors and Andrew, our 4 year old made the "blue" card (with Andrew, everything is blue). It still amazed me that a simple and fun activity can draw out so much concentration and attention to detail. They guys happily created for over 45 minutes and here is the result of their hard work:

By the way, the tab at the top is to fold down so that Dad can wear his tie. And the kiddos wrote their messages on the back of the tie. Hubby is going to love them!


Amy said...

I realized I'd have to add my first WFMW post on Friday.

That's okay. I'm reading it on Sunday!

I like the card idea. When my daughter gets a little bigger and better able to wield scissors.

The Book Lady Online said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog. What a lovely picture of your daughter in your comment. Such a fun age!