Thursday, July 26, 2007

Science and Marshmallows

We did a fun science experiment with marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti from 100 Science Experiments (Usborne) yesterday. My guys loved it! The basic idea is to build a structure out of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti and test its ability to support things. Great fun!


Patty said...

Looks like fun! How are the rest of the experiments in that book? Do they all use easy to find stuff? I always get flustered whenever I need to go on a hunt for all matter of bits and pieces. :^)

The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Patty,

Thanks for leaving a comment. This is one of my favorite science experiment books. It uses things that are usually found around the house like cardboard, modeling compound, posterboard, flashlights, ice, rulers, pencils, batteries and such. One cute experiment uses margarine tubs toothpicks and rubberbands to make a self-propelled paddle-wheel boat. Too cute. And if you have electrical wiring (like we do from so many lessons on electronics for Nicholas' robot), then you can use a battery, electrical wiring, and a small light bulb to make a bug shaped current tester. Its adorable and a fun way to remember what completes a circuit and what types of things conduct electricity. HOpe that helps. Please ask anything you are curious about that I may not have answered.

Patty said...

Thank you! That does sound like a user friendly book.

I'm really psyched this year because I got Frank to allot some of our tax return towards a really nice dresser from IKEA, and it's huge. I've got all sorts of science and math stuff in there, and whenever I find something else that looks useful for some experiment or something, I just put it in there. I'll have to take pics and share. :D :D :D Your post reminded me of it and when you replied, I realized I already had all of those things in there. lol