Friday, October 5, 2007

More Homeschooling with Preschoolers

Finally, I'm back and sharing Part II of Keeping your Preschooler Happily Learning While You Work With Your School-Age Child.

Here are some more ideas we've used this last month for homeschooling with preschoolers. One of the biggest hits with our little guy has been a listening center. We have books on CD and a CD player with headphones as well as an MP3 player with ear buds for him. I was really surprised at just how much they both love listening to music and books on CD. Here are some of the books on CD that we have in our collection. These are available on my website .

The Story of Jesus is probably our favorite. It has 7 short stories from the life of Jesus. My kiddos love it and it is both entertaining and educational. The other books pictured above are chapter books which are nice for a little extended listening time. They are long enough without being so long that your little one would lose interest.

Another fun activity that has been great for keeping our preschooler occupied while our 2nd grader is getting one on one help with school is a card making activity bag. Our little one loves to make cards for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends and will happily sticker his cards for quite some time. I just took a plastic zip top bag and filled it with cut and folded card stock in different colors (finally, some of that scrapbooking stuff is getting some use - lol!) along with stickers, scissors, a glue stick and pictures to cut out. Later you can show him/ her how you address the envelope and have them stamp and mail it.

When the weather permits, something else that can either be for your preschooler during school or for everyone instead of t.v. would be water play. Sand and water tables are nice, but if you don't have one, kiddos love to water the garden or yard (or each other) with the garden hose.

Or you could have breakfast outside on a makeshift table and chairs.

Well thats all for now. We'll keep experimenting here and post our results as time permits.

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