Friday, March 28, 2008

Have you ever thought about becoming a consultant with Usborne?

Ever thought of becoming a consultant with Usborne?
Now is the time!
March's kit special is only $59
and you get a shopping cart website for 3 months!!! What a DEAL!!!!!
These are the books in this great kit special:
Fairy Snap (FC)
Find the Puppy (BD)
How Big is a Million? (H)
Say Please, Louise! (P)
See Inside Your Head (BD)
That’s Not My Pirate (BD)
Why Do We Eat? (P)
PLUS, I'll send you a BONUS BOX OF BOOKS valued at $20, if you order your kit (click here) by Monday morning, March 31st.
Is there a minimum amount I have to sell?
No. You need to turn in at least $85 in orders during your first 12 weeks. Beyond that, the sky's the limit! No minimums, high potential!!
I'm raising money for our family's adoption, is this something that could help?
YES! You'll be earning commission from the books you sell and from all orders placed on your website. You could put a link to your website on your adoption blog. This could help lots!
Who can I email and call with questions now or after I order my kit?
That would be me! I'm here to help you! 337-277-7416 and my email is . We also have a great team training website available to you 24/7.
Is it OK if my friend wants to do this too? Would I get any benefit from that?
Yes, your friends can join you! You can be their sponsor and I'll be their supervisor, available to help both of you as needed and desired. If you don't have your website yet, you can both sign up on my website and in the comments box indicate "Sponsor is ____, new consultant." During your first 12 weeks, you'll receive $50 in books of your choice for each new consultant you sponsor. You will receive 4% recruiting bonus on your recruits' sales each month you have $350 net sales.
This sounds exciting, doesn't it?!
Let me know if you have questions. It's fine to forward this link to others. They might be interested too! I hope you have some great snuggly time reading with your children today.

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