Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home made "Hot Pocket" style calzone

I had a few minutes this morning to catch up on some blog reading and I loved this idea over at Thrifty Florida Mama. She makes homemade Hot Pockets. I remember when I used to do that, too. Somehow, we got out of the habit. It was really nice to have something quick and easy ready to heat up and eat. So, inspired by her post, we made up a batch of biscuit dough, rolled and cut with biscuit cutter, then rolled them out flat (the boys really had fun with this part), chopped up some hot dogs, mixed in chili and a handful of shredded co-jack. We put a tablespoon of filling into each circle, folded over, sealed and baked. We made 20 of these for $2.20 or .11 cents each. Quick, easy and better for you than the store bought stuff, plus much more tasty. I think we'll try to make some with pizza sauce, cheese and black olives (oldest ds's favorite kind of pizza) either later this week or next week.

There are lots of great ideas like this over at Thrifty Florida Mama for Make it Yourself Monday. Check it out!

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