Monday, December 7, 2009

I Think We May Have Found It

We are still in the process of deciding what to do, but we have found a home we really love. Please pray for all involved in this process. We really love it and hope it can work out. Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

No photos? No Details?? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

I just offered a quick petition to St. Joseph for ya'll.

The Book Lady Online said...

I didn't post a photo yet because, well, its not ours yet, but I can email you the listing - just let me know. It is a cabin on 15 wooded acres. Not all of it would be usable for "farm" type stuff, but about 2 acres would be. The rest is suitable for hunting (lots of wildlife and no neighbors nearby) and fishing (!!!). We bid on it late yesterday, though we came in really low, so there is a good chance they will tell us off instead of selling to us, lol. We will hopefully know something in the next two days. Thank you so much for the prayers and petitions on our behalf. :)