Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken Update

The nesting box is built. A few weeks ago I mentioned that since the girls will begin laying eggs soon, I had decided to build nesting boxes to put into the existing run until we can get something else built. I am pleased with the results and so are, it appears, the girls, who jumped up to investigate our work as soon as we finished. We put it in the run and filled it with bedding, now all we need are some golf balls or other fake eggs to encourage the girls. I think we will probably also paint it, at least the outside, to help prevent it falling apart since it will be "outside" the coop (but inside the run) for at least a month or so.


Anonymous said...

Your chickens are brave, mine are "chicken" LOL. It takes them a week before they will go and investigate anything new in their run or coop.

Alea said...

They look so cute exploring their nesting box!

MichelleZ said...

Hey Lori,
The nesting boxes look great. Have you had any lay an egg yet? We reached a dozen total today(10 green and two pinkish). The last four days we have had one egg in the coop a day. The boys are always excited to go and see if anything has showed up. So you should start seeing something soon.

The Book Lady Online said...

Paula, I think they are brave partly because they've lived here since they were a week old and partly because these birds really flock. Whatever one does, they all do, lol. So it just takes one brave bird to check out the new box and suddenly everyone is checking it out, lol.

Alea, Thanks :)

Michelle, still no eggs yet, but if the increase in amorous activity is any indication, we must be getting close. I sure hope they start laying soon. I'm beginning to doubt that we'll ever see eggs, lol.