Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homestead Baby Steps

I consider food preservation to be part of my homesteading adventure, so the banana chips currently in the dehydrator count as a baby step, at least in my mind ;) In addition, I was able to get some seed potatoes into the ground today, fourteen in all. The sprouted beans were ready today, so I fed them to the chickens who loved them. Success!! Outside of those three things, I did not accomplish much today. It was a day of itty bitty baby steps, and I'm okay with that.


PaulaB52 said...

Yum, I love banana chips, they are so addictive.

I've calmed down a bit since the last time I commented, but since tracking grocery costs at the beginning of Feb, I'm seeing the definete rise. And horror of horrors, Starbucks coffee went up LOL.

I like you idea of sprouting beans for your chickens. I planted an abandoned lot right next to our place in sunflowers Tuesday. We don't mow this plot, so I figured it was better to plant it with sunflowers than just be weedy and ugly. When the flowers form their seed heads, I'm giving those to the hens and replanting a second time. I'm going to do this all summer, and possibly next year as well.

I tried starting some warm weather seeds under glass in my garden. This is NOT working as well as I had hoped and I'm thinking I may have to chalk it up as a failure. I want to make some movable cold frames. This will be my mid-summer inside project.

I don't understand why our men are not as urgent about things as we are, but maybe that's all just a face? Maybe they are trying to remain calm to keep the rest of the family calm?

The Book Lady Online said...

Lol, The price of coffee is one of my big worries as well. Besides peanut butter, it is the thing I am stocking up on most. Ha, ha.

I love your idea to plant sunflowers for your chickens. I bet that field will be beautiful when in bloom!! A neighboring farm planted about a half acre of sunflowers last year and it was such a treat to look at when in bloom. Beautiful and functional. Plus your chickens will love their yummy organically grown seeds.

I wish I were less worried about things, but I think I may be even more worried now than I was a few weeks ago. After being reminded just how quickly a disaster can hit (Japan & NJ), I am actually feeling an even greater urgency. I guess being from a hurricane prone area helps us to really be able to understand what an emergency can do to logistics and food supplies at stores. I think I may need to stop watching the news and take Drudge Report off my twitter feed, lol.

I think hubby may be starting to understand my concern over grocery prices. Yesterday, he stopped on his way home from town to pick up milk and was shocked when it was $4.65 for a gallon!! Yikes!

Cold frames sound like a fun summer project. Hmmmm. . . that might be what I need to keep the animals out of my garden in winter. Something to think about.