Thursday, September 22, 2011

LIttle Cabin Update

I have such respect for those moms of the past who had no choice but to harvest and put up all of their family's food, no matter what obstacles were in their way (like a baby trying to walk and getting into EVERYTHING).  Learning to produce some of our family's food and cooking from scratch and preserving much of it from farmer's markets while we have a baby in the house has been a real eye opener.  We managed to accomplish a lot, but I am so thankful that we do not have to depend on what we were able to put away, because, while it was better than nothing, it was woefully inadequate for our family's needs.  We froze or dehydrated many gallons of berries and figs, several gallons of squash and many quarts of other veggies.  We also canned lots of salsa, tomato juice, figs and a few jars of various pickled veggies. 

We have reached the one year mark on our hen's egg production and our girls are still laying well.  We had a few weeks this summer when we were getting fewer eggs because we had a broody hen who was hoarding the eggs and sitting on any she saw, including all newly laid eggs.  We handled the situation by sending her to live with my Dad's hens.  She is doing very well there and has not tried to sit on eggs since her move.  Our new hens are beginning to lay.  We are finding pullet eggs in the laying box.  So fun :)  Our plans for chickens next spring include raising a meat flock and maybe trying our hand a turkeys as well.

Our peas are almost done producing as are the tomatoes.  We put in lettuce a few weeks ago and that is growing well.  I am behind on planting the spinach, kale and beets.  I need to do that today.

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Alea Milham said...

It is hard to can when you have a little one. I still do most of my canning after I put Andrew to bed and just do a couple of batches each evening. so much easier without his help. :) Though he is getting helpful in other areas now.

It is so much fun to enjoy there phases and a little guy learning to walk can bring lots of joy. Praise God, we are able to enjoy it and do not have to put a whole winter's worth of food!