Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bat in our House

So, we have these amazingly cool bats that live near our house. Last week a baby one found its way into our house (He's that blackish brown blob at the top of the brick wall in the photo). We called animal control to come and pick it up. We are all fine - no one had any contact with it. It was a really neat experience, though I hope to never do it again - lol. When our "Bat Man" caught it, we even got to hear our little guy squeaking and clicking as he tried to call for a rescue. That was really neat to hear up close.


Jeanne said...

We have bats around our house too. There's a pond in our yard and they fly around at night and fill up on all the insects flying around the pond.

The Book Lady Online said...


Wow, a pond. I am jealous - I would love a pond on our property.

We love our bats. Like yours, they fly around eating insects at night. They eat up most of the mosquitoes around here which is such a blessing.