Thursday, August 30, 2007

Watching Less TV

I admit it - I use the TV too much to get a few minutes to myself. I know my kids would be better off if they could learn to entertain themselves without the electronic babysitter. So, while I was online looking for some ideas to keep my preschooler busy while I work with my second grader, I came across this nice site. Its called Instead of TV and if you go there, you can download their free 45 page E-Book with lots of great information and some ideas, too. I will blog what I did for my little one as soon as I get a chance :)

So, back to watching less T.V. Today, I decided to give it a try. The kids usually watch 1-2 movies per day at 1.5- 2 hrs each for a total of wayyyyyyyy too much electronic entertainment. Today I told them no T.V. until after supper. Then they can choose one short (and calm) movie to watch. It hasn't been easy. I've spent a great deal of the day curled up in my bed crying and hiding from the kids while they tore the house apart, locked the cat in the laundry room, weeded my plants from the garden (but by some miracle, managed to spare the weeds) and gave each other black eyes (not literally - yet). I really miss the T.V. right now.

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