Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yesterday's Learning

Here is what we did yesterday.

We started out day with the Good Morning Song followed by read aloud time. We read In November by Cynthia Rylant and The First Thanksgiving by Tomie DePaola. After that we traced our hands (like in The First Thanksgiving) and made turkeys. While we decorated our turkeys, we listed to some phonics songs and sang along. Andrew (age 4) made a robot out of Zome Tools while he waited for Nicholas to finish his turkey.

Next, we made squares out of felt triangles, then used the felt to make other shapes. We listened to the Prima Latina CD (prayers through Lesson 3) while we worked.

After that, we read the story of Noah and added the appropriates symbol to our Jesse tree. Nicholas continued his copy work from Isaiah 11:1.

We took a break here and danced to some Cajun Christmas Music. I think this was our favorite part of the day.

To get everyone back on track after the break, we read aloud, Max's Chocolate Chicken and Yoko, both by Rosemary Wells. Andrew requested Sushi after reading Yoko, which we will try to get today. We had nice soothing music playing in the background during this part of school.

Next we read aloud Merry Go Round by Ruth Heller. We are using her books in our language study. Nicholas copied a rule about Nouns and then drew a picture illustrating the rule. Andrew just drew a picture.

We counted to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's.

We read from Little Acts of Grace and practiced.

Nicholas read aloud from his word lists and also read to himself.

We took a longer break here to have lunch, run errands and go to one of the kids' favorite places. While we were out, Nicholas lost another tooth :o)

When we got home, we made numbers and some letters out of salt dough and baked them. The boys used the left over dough to make snowmen, which we also baked.

We read aloud a little more as requested by the children. Nicholas requested Poems for Little Children and Andrew wanted Puzzle Pirates. Nicholas asked for a tumbling lesson and then he spent 2 hours(!) making his own felt characters.

I'd have to say that yesterday was an almost perfect day! I promise to include a not so perfect day, too.

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