Friday, December 28, 2007

Fairy Tale Cookbook!

We found this fun book at the library last week. What a wonderful book for homeschoolers like us who want to add fun an enrich the learning experience, but need a little help in the creativity department. The author, Sandre Moore has included fun recipes based on many of the classic fairy tales (Red Riding Hood's Basket of Goodies, Big Bad Wolfe's Favorite T.V. Snack (Pigs in a Blanket), Sleeping Beauty's 16th Birthday Cake). What I find the most fun is the other stories she uses to create fun food. There is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Pocahontas' Thanksgiving Feast, Bilbo Baggins's Eleventy-First Birthday Dinner, The Who-ville Christmas Feast and so many more. This is definitely one we want to own.

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