Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Little Encouragement for the Arts and Crafts Challenged

For the last few weeks, the kids and I have been enjoying some of the fun ideas over at Serendipity. What a fun place! In particular, my boys have enjoyed Gnomes andGnumbers: A Mathematical Tale.

I like to think of myself as creative, artistic, talented . . . I'm not. When I find sites like Serendipity, my mind fills with the wonderful fun we will have making the little gnomes and how cute they will be when they are done. Then the reality of what our gnomes will look like sets in as I begin to make them. I am not artistic nor talented in that way. As I worked on the gnomes, I really began to come down hard on myself with that mommy self-talk; "These aren't as cute as the one's on Serendipity.", "What was I thinking?", "The boys will be so disappointed - these gnomes look stupid.", "We should just quit now" etc.

Then the boys walked through the room I was working in and saw the gnomes. They said things like, "Mom, these are awesome.", and "I want the blue one. Nick, you can have the red one". The boys LOVE THEM! Even though they are not perfect, the boys love the gnomes (and the little felt Saint Andrew and Saint Nicholas). Our kids don't care if things are perfect, as long as their learning is joy-filled. So, if you are doubting yourself, go ahead and do it anyway. As long as it will bring you and your family joy in learning, perfection isn't necessary.

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LLMom said...

The St. Nicholas and Andrew are so cute!