Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fun Math Games!

We are having FUN practicing our math facts by playing math war. Here's how we play it. All cards are dealt out evenly among the players. This particular game can be played by two players at a time. We usually have the next person play the winner. The players stack their cards and each flip over the top card in their stack. These cards are added (subtracted, multiplied, divided). If the product is an even number, one player gets the cards. Odd goes to the other player. We usually play through one stack then count the cards to determine the winner.

Something else that has helped us with math facts has been using them for copywork. Nicholas will copy each fact two or three times, depending upon how much practice he needs with that particular fact. This has gone so far in helping him with memorization. Its so funny. When I was a student, we also copied our math facts, but since copying math facts was so often given as a punishment, we thought of it as an unpleasant task. I guess that's why I never even considered using math facts for copywork. Then I read the suggestion on a yahoo group I belong to and slapped my forehead! It makes so much sense. Nicholas enjoys copying his equations. I guess its all depends on perspective. :o)

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