Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden Update

We were hoping that by spring, we would be in a house with acreage so that we could have a really big garden, but with the lay-off at the end of last year and relocating again, we still have not found that acreage. So this spring's garden is really, really small. In fact, this house does not have a back yard, and I feel uncomforable digging up the front yard in a rental, so the garden is in containers.

Here are some flowers, plus parsley, Greek oregano, basil and a red bell pepper plant.

This is our meslcun (lettuce). It is still at the "micro greens" stage but is growing quickly. Before long, it will have to move inside as the temps here have been as high as 85 the last few days.

This one is a little blurry, but its a cherry tomato and there is one little tomato on it (top of the picture in the foreground).

Here are both tomato plants (yellow pear tomato and red cherry tomato) and the mesclun. We may try a container of squash and a container of cucumbers if we can get to them before it gets too hot out.

Last weekend, we discovered a farmer's market in a city about an hour away from us. While it is a small market, we found a farmer selling grass fed beef there, so now we have a "local" source of grass fed beef. In addition, a new friend who raises chickens has supplied us with some eggs. Hopefully we can find a local source of chicken soon. Can't wait for all of the summer produce to start showing up at the market :o)

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