Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures from Military Park Outing

Our boys are military fans, especially the youngest, so they really enjoyed our trip to a Civil War Military Park yesterday. Here are a few pictures.

They enjoy pretending to take part in a battle, but thank God we didn't live through that time where kids as young as my oldest son accompanied the military to serve in other areas besides infantry.
See the sign? Yes, I did have to tell them, a few times, not to climb on the cannons. What is it about cannons that just screams, "climb on me"?

It has been really eye opening to live near some historic Civil War sites. The town we moved to is right in the middle of an area where many important civil war battles took place. The boys and I have been reading books about the civil war from the library and wandering around the military parks absorbing all we can about the history of the area. It has been such an amazing experience for them and for me.

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