Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living Room Pictures

If you've ever been to my house, you will know that I'm not much of a decorator, but I did a little "arranging" of some things around the new house and I like it. Here are a few pics of the living room.

This wicker chest was in the boys room in our old house. Our coffee table from our last house is too big for this living room, and we needed something else, but I did not want to go out and buy something. Since the boys didn't need the chest, we put it in the living room with a tray and candles that were in the master bedroom in our last house. We tossed the throw on it to add a little contrasting color.

I'm still looking for a way to break up the dark brown in this picture - the sofa and the wall are almost the same color. I was thinking of hanging curtains on the wall, even though there is no window there, just for the color. I have some green sheers that are 80+ inches and so would reach to the floor. If I got a pretty curtain rod with some sort of pretty scroll work on the ends, I think it would look nice. I would keep the picture but hang it a little higher.

I love this pillow. We are using green as an accent color in the living room, dining area and kitchen. I like the way a pillow can add a splash of color to an area but I really don't like how much they cost. So I was thrilled when I found throw pillow covers at Target yesterday. The above pillow was blue and brown before the cover and $4.99 later, it goes with our living room :) I really love that!


We are still looking for an area rug for the living room and maybe another lamp, but I think other than that, we are done and happy with the results. We love our little cabin in the woods and it is really beginning to feel like home.


Alea said...

I love how you found some low cost options! I have some pillows that came with our couches and are the exact same fabric. I think I will look for some contrast fabric and just recover them.

I have had friends who have used curtains or fabric to break up walls. We had wood walls in our house growing up and my mom painted them and they looked great. They still had an interesting texture, but it lightened up the room. An even easier way of adding contrast would be to use a throw on the couch like you did on your new coffee table.

The Book Lady Online said...

Alea, I'd love to see the pillows after you recover them. Such fun to get something new without a lot of waste or expense :)

I thought of painting the walls )we had painted paneling in our last house and loved it), but my husband really likes it as is. It seems more like a cabin to him this way, so I will probably try either the curtain thing or a throw on the sofa and see if that helps break it up some. Thanks for the ideas :)

Anonymous said...

It looks good!

PS, I gave you an award, it's on my blog.