Monday, February 22, 2010

Garden Update - Feb 22, 2010

Here is a picture of my indoor garden. I have 4 containers of lettuce planted and sitting in a sunny window growing like wild. The container in the foreground was newly planted. The one you can see in the background is almost 2 weeks old. So far we have only used it as micro greens on sandwiches, but it is growing really well and I am hopeful that some will grow past the micro stage and we will get some baby greens. I am very pleased with how well this is working out. I hope to continue growing these indoors all year, since we eat a great deal of lettuce - more than I would be able to grow outdoors (for now, anyway).

I've also pulled all of our carrots and since the adorable little forest creatures at the rest of the garden, I've planted new seeds in those containers and put a screen on top (pictures coming - its raining right now). So far I've planted one 2X2 box of kale and one of sweet peas. I'd love to try beets again, and I have one 2x2 that is not yet planted, so I will probably put beets in there. The garden beds will be ready for planting in a week or two, and I'd like to put some cool weather crops in one 4x8 bed. Lettuce, spinach and carrots for sure and if I have enough room, cabbage and broccoli, though I'd have to buy the last two as plants for them to have enough time to mature before the heat kicks in.

The onion tops are starting to grow back and I am hoping that they will still be usable this year. In addition, the parsley is growing back. I hope that I can keep the local wildlife out of them both long enough to be able to harvest.

Its hard to believe that it will be time to start planting the summer garden in our area in anther month or so. Have you started planning your summer garden?


Alea said...

I started planning my summer garden last fall! :D

Your seedlings look great!

The Book Lady Online said...

You aren't the only one :) I'm just getting a second chance at planning since I will now have more space. Yay :)

Anonymous said...

I, um, went a bit wild on my seed starts and THEN tracked out how many beds I actually have. Ahem, more plants than room. I'll have to fix making more beds LOL.

You know, I planted a Mesculen mix this fall and no one really likes it as lettuce. It's so flabby, not crunchy like Romaine. The rabbits love it though, especially Arugula..who knew??