Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I disappeared again

I haven't posted in over a week mostly because Mom has started having some major memory issues again and between that and homeschooling, there just was not time for blogging. With the unpredictably nature of her illness, it seems that life will be a bit unpredictable for us now - the new normal, as they say. I am going to have to figure out a new way of menu planning and shopping because the old way (weekly menu plans) has not been working for us with all of the back and forth and such. Maybe its time to go back to freezer cooking. Hmm . . . food for thought.

Anyway, I do appreciate the prayers that I know so many of you have offered for her and will continue to offer. Thank you. I'll update as I am able.


Anonymous said...

Lori, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Have you read anything about coconut oil consumption and the reduction of Alzheimer's symptoms? I read an article a few months ago of a woman who "cured" her husband of Alzheimer. Not sure if this is what's ailing your mom, but it might be worth it to google it.

Alea said...

I will continue to lift you and your family up in my prayers.

The Book Lady Online said...

Thanks for the prayers, y'all. Until today, we thought we were dealing with the effects of a stroke she had a few years ago. As of today (just got back from LA), we have a diagnosis of dementia, which I think was just the doctor's polite way of saying alzheimers without freaking everybody out. Paula, I have been trying to get her to take coconut oil for months, but she won't and for a while she was so paranoid (real paranoia, not just an expression) that she would not eat anything I cooked from scratch for fear that I had put something healthy in it. Her most recent episode though included a personality change (and much forgetting of her immediate family - very freaky) and I think that now I might be able to get some into her diet without her noticing or objecting. I am going to talk to my Dad about it tomorrow and offer him some ideas for getting her to take it and I will try to work on some things that I can bring next time we visit them.

Again, thank you both so much for the prayers.

Anonymous said...

I really hope things work out for everyone. We're beginning to make plans to take care of my mom & dad in the future. Not any time soon, but soon enough, the way time flies by.

My dad's been so sick since Christmas. I was getting extremely worried about him, but he insists he fine. You know men. I kept suggesting chicken stock, coconut oil etc, but he wouldn't take it either. Unless I would be there with them everyday, it's a waste of time. He went to the doctor and they gave him a cortisone shot and some sort of nasal spray which causes his nose to bleed (don't use it!). He says he's feeling better though. Warmer weather's got to make everyone feel better, right?

I'll continue to pray for you and your family.