Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Projects and Happenings at the Cabin Update (Pics)

I have a few pictures. I'll add more as things get done :)

We are having much success, as you can see, in growing a puppy. He is getting so big. And, he has a natural hunting instinct already, which I can appreciate. He has already caught (and ate) a mole that was digging around in the area we are prepping for my garden. Love that dog!!

This is the pear tree. It does look somewhat like a Bradford Pear, but the branches are more spread out. Only time will tell if we will be putting up our own pears this year.

Between doctor's appointments, vet appointments, homeschooling and math club, I have not been able to get outside to work on the many projects I had planned. I have something else pressing to do today, but tomorrow, after school, I am hitting the yard and getting some work done :)


TexasRed said...

What a cute puppy. Let us know if you have good pear recipes (we don't have a tree, but our friends do and don't know what to do with the produce).

Alea said...

What a good dog!

I hope the pear is a producer! If it isn't it is still a beautiful tree.