Friday, March 12, 2010

What I'm reading

Its been quite a week. Between Mom and her bad days, the new puppy and all of his pooping, an overflowed toilet (and accompanying plumbers bill - it was quite a clog), broken water line on our street and no water for 12+ hours, and our first brush with ticks, well, lets just say I'm ready to escape into a good book :)

Right now I'm reading a few books (I usually have on average 3 books going at all times). I got An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon from the library. Although it is one of the smaller of her books int he Outlander series, I am having more difficulty reading this one than any of the others. I think maybe part of the reason is that this book is less about Claire and Jamie and more about Lord John and William. Honestly, if I wanted to read about Lord John, I'd read one of the books from that series. Anyway, I'm not sure I will be able to finish it before I have to return it.

I also got Going Rougue by Sarah Palin from the library. This one is much easier to read. The story is interesting and the writing style is easy to read - just what my overwhelmed brain needs right now :)

Also, with my MyPoints points, I was able to get a $25 Amazon gift certificate code and I ordered Independence Days by Sharon Astyk. Sharon's writing style is so enjoyable both in her books and on her blog. This book combines "how to" with "why" in an easy to read and interesting book that I was tempted to read cover to cover in one sitting.

Since I am almost done with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, I am looking for a some fiction suggestions. What are you reading?


legendswife said...

I'm blog hopping, and found you on another blog (mason bees). I have been terrified of bees for years, but desire to have a garden. (sigh) I need to get over it soon!lol. Great reads. I just finished a series book from Beverly Lewis called the Telling and have been reading the rediscovered writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I turn to Wilder's and Lewis's writings nearly every winter..ah enough of my ramblings:)

God Bless

Alea said...

I have not heard of Independence Days, but I am fascinated. I will have to see if they have it in our library system.

I am reading a slew of parenting books right now. My daughter saw me reading one and said, "Don't you have this parenting thing down yet?" No, actually I don't!

Peacemom said...

You got back on the Outlander series? Who fed the children while you were reading? LOL! I never finished the second one. I did read the first two Twilight books in about a week. Fun read, but no depth. Then I got on a children's/YA kick. When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead (2010 Newbery Winner) was good. Also, Stead's First Light was good. Now I am determined to finish Watership Down because it is not supposed to be missed. I like it, but it is not a page turner yet. Oh, let me not forget to mention one I am rereading now -- The Guernsay Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I think you would like it.

Anonymous said...

My mom bought Echo for me the day it came out. After reading so many people say how slow it was, how hard it was to read, etc, I never picked it up. Hasn't helped that my reading time is severely limited w/work now! Baseball is starting so I'll have plenty of captive time at the park to read.

I used to read Independence days blog, but her posts were so long! It would take 30 minutes to read one post. I was interested in becoming their "house mate" but Redd, not so much LOL. I didn't know she had a book. She's a bit too Global Warming/peak oil alarmist for my tastes. I certainly don't need to worry about more things than I already worry about LOL.

I'm reading Coop and a few cookbooks. I'm going to do a review on Fat, which IMO is an amazing cookbook!