Monday, April 12, 2010

Farmer's Market Haul :)

We went to the farmer's market in the nearest big city this past weekend and met many wonderful farmers we had not met before. We met a grass-fed beef/ lamb farmer who also raises pastured chickens. We bought eggs from them and got on their waiting list for beef.
I didn't get many pictures, but I did get a pic of these beautiful eggs.

We also met goat farmers who make cheese and also sell milk. This time, we tried their Greek Feta (so delicious) and some of their goat milk (my children LOVE goat milk). We also met a strawberry farmer, some farmers who grow lettuces and such and we bought a fig tree from a farmer. It was so great to get back to the farmer's market!


Anonymous said...

Those eggs are so pretty. Redd has been the loving husband and bringing home to me thingsbe various scrap items that we will use to build the coop. I've decided that since we now have each a reliable car, I can get my coop and still drive to baseball tournaments out of town.

Mr. V and I made a deal that I will either buy a "setting hen" from him that is on eggs, or buy a few that are already laying, a few that are "teenagers" chicks and either we'll hatch some from eggs in his incubator or I'll take them from his yard.

Ha, last week, Mr. V gave my boys a lesson in pigeon butchering. Poor E, he's so tenderhearted, I thought he was going to cry, but he made it through. They were pretty grossed out, but did ok. I told Mr. V that when he butchers his broilers, I want to come "help" so I can learn how to pluck and eviscerate them for this fall when we get ours! Isn't it great to have someone to show you hands on all the things you want to learn??

The Book Lady Online said...

Oh how wonderful. I am so excited you are getting chickens!! Thats neat that your boys were able to be in on a butchering. I think my boys would do ok if it were an animal they don't know, but they will not do well butchering our own, since they cannot help but name them, lol. Thankfully, there is a custom slaughter house near us, at least until the boys get better at handling that sort of thing. They are learning how to hunt, which will help, I'm sure. I need to learn how to kill/ clean chickens, too. Thankfully, both of my parents have experience with it and my dad's chickens are mixed so there will be some roosters in a few months who will be headed for the BBQ. I plan to help with that :)

I cannot wait to read all about your chickens and their coop :)

Alea said...

You have an amazing Farmer's Market! Ours does not open until after Memorial day and only produce is sold. Though I did find a small rancher who sells grass fed, free range beef about an hour from here.

MichelleZ said...

Love the eggs, that is what ours are supposed to look like in a few months when they are old enough to lay. Yeah!