Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's Happening Around the Little Cabin

Things are blooming here at the Little Cabin. Its been so fun because we are discovering that we have all sorts of beautiful things. For example we have


beautiful dogwood blossoms,

and lots of Redbud trees.

Here is a picture of two cuties, Indiana and hubby.

And speaking of cuties, looks what we got today.

There are 15 of them - 5 Americana, 5 Dominicker (they are the black and white checkerboard looking chickens) , 3 Rhode Island Red and 2 Leghorns. They are approximately a week old. We are having such fun with them. Already they are showing signs of personality and some of them are even flying around the brooder (watering tub). One of them, an Americana, has already figured out how to jump/ fly out. Better finish up the coop as soon as possible.

This one has been named "Hoppy" by the kids.

The four adult chickens we were hoping to have this week will have to wait a little. They are actually living on my SIL's property but she did not buy them, they just showed up one day. She tried to see if they belong to someone, but no one is claiming them. They are foraging for all of their food and have survived there for over a year. Since they live in a neighborhood and the rooster is a problem with the neighbors, she is trying to get rid of them. We hoped to have them here, but they are very good at avoiding capture. We plan to continue trying to catch them.

Some of the garden plants are coming up - more sweet peas, yellow bush beans and potatoes are up as are spinach and some lettuce. There are blueberries on the bushes, strawberries setting on the plants and wild blackberries growing everywhere. I am hoping to get a second garden bed put in this week. I also bought two heirloom tomato plants. These will go in that second bed. I plan to only grow a few tomatoes and get most of what I am going to preserve at the farmer's market this year.

Well, enough blogging - there are dishes that need to be done. :)


Alea said...

Isn't it fun to discover all of the plants on a new property? We usually move in the winter, so our first spring always holds so many surprises for us.

Oh, the little chicks looks so cute! And your puppy is growing fast! Sounds like you guys are having fun at yournew place!

Alea said...

Just had to pop back over to show my kids what wisteria looks like. :-) Took my son yesterday to the farm store; it was so hard walking out without a few little chicks! I hope you are continuing to enjoy yours.

The Book Lady Online said...

I know how you feel regarding walking past all the cute baby chicks at the farm store. :( This is the first time I've ever walked out with some :) We are enjoying them so much and I cannot believe how quickly they are growing. I will post pictures again this week, but they already don't look like chicks, but like small grown up hens. Too funny :)

MichelleZ said...

Great Pictures, we have Dogwoods and wisteria too, but no Red Buds, but I do have a 5year(maybe 10) plan to add in trees that we want and get rid of what we don't.

I agree it is lots of fun to see what is coming up. We are over-run with daffodils and purple iris. And some kind of purple plant...

The chicks are cute, ours are teenagers now and starting to act like it. It is time to kick them out of the house(patio) and send them out on their own in the world...aka coop. :P

Hope all is well. Looks like you are settling in well.

It's funny, looks like everyong has chicken fever. I sent my parents home with 4 of ours.