Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pond on our Property

When we bought this property, we were drawn to several things; the woods, the streams and creeks throughout the property, the cabin look of the house, but most of all, we loved the pond. We share a nice sized pond with our next door neighbors, but have not had much opportunity to explore it because we moved here in winter. As the days have warmed, we have begun to explore and discover what our pond has to offer.
First, we've had the opportunity to see many beautiful birds including blue herons, a pair of wood ducks, egrets and others. We've also seen the typical pond life such as turtles, bullfrogs, minnows (my kids had NEVER seen minnows - I was a little sad when I made that discovery, but we have since played with many minnows) and tons of bugs. The boys also discovered crawfish in the pond yesterday and those Cajun boys are planning to catch and cook them up for their mama :)
The pond is also stocked and we've seen some fish big enough for catching so when the weather cooperates (we are expecting severe weather for several days), we will do a little fishing.

What else should we be doing to utilize this pond to the fullest? I've never lived anywhere near water, so I don't really know all that a pond has to offer.


Alea said...

How incredibly fun! Your boys are going to have so much fun playing in that pond. Woods, stream, pond - I don't think you will ever have to buy them another present because they are going to have so much fun in the great outdoors.

motherhen68 said...

I can't believe the boys haven't been down there before now!

What about swimming? Could you float one of those raft things out to middle and swim out there? That's my dream, but it'll never happen since I doubt we are moving any time soon LOL. Just the thought of it in the middle of summer, how much fun would that be?

The Book Lady Online said...

No kidding, Alea. I have to drag them in every night - they are having such fun here.

Paula, thanks for reminding me about swimming. In addition to the pond, one of the streams has a pool in it on our property and it is crystal clear as the bottom is pebbles. Bryan and the boys have been talking about swimming there since we first discovered it (at that time it was iced over and 9 degrees outside, lol). Bryan is also planning to get a canoe as soon as we can. We had not thought of putting a raft thingy out in the water for swimming, though. What a great idea. Thanks!!