Saturday, May 8, 2010

Farmer's Market Finds -Woo Hoo!!

Just got back from the farmer's market and I am so excited. The produce farmers were there today!! With produce!!! I came home with pastured eggs, broccoli, spring mix salad greens (can you see the edible flowers?), english peas, baby zucchini and baby yellow squash!! Woo Hoo! I am so excited. They all said that they were expecting to have even more next week - yay!

This is what the market looks like from the outside. Its a really nice building dedicated strictly to the farmer's market which is just Saturdays right now, but during the summer it runs Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday.

This is what it looks like inside. I was standing in the middle when I took this (blurry) shot. Behind me was a mirror image of the side you can see.

There is an outdoor market in another town, a little closer to us that will open on Saturday and Wednesday starting in two weeks. Last year, that market had even more produce than the one I went to today, in particular, homegrown fruit. I cannot wait!!

Did you get anything at the farmer's market this week?


Marie said...

Your produce looks great--missed the Farmers' Market this week (ours is only on Saturdays) but hope to hit it next week. When I was there last week they didn't have much in the way of produce yet that I saw, but they did have seeds, and even a stand for honey. I'm hoping to get some of the things that I'm not particularly successful at growing when the growing season gets into full swing--may be a while with the cold weather we've been having!

The Book Lady Online said...


Thanks for visiting :) Your market sounds nice. This year, I'm only growing things that are hard to find at the farmer's market. I plan to get tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash for preserving at the market, that way I can use what little space I have for things that are hard to find at the market. I just love farmer's market season :)

Anonymous said...

All I bought Saturday was more onions and potatoes. I"m going to dice up the onions and put them in the freezer. Saves time and money. I also bought two bunches of zinnias and made my mom a bouquet of flowers using those, wild roses from the pasture I just discovered, cilantro that went to flower but looks just like baby's breath and apple mint from my garden. She loved it. She wanted to know where did I buy it LOL. I said "at my house!"

The Book Lady Online said...


I would love to see the bouquet. If you end up posting a pic on your blog, come back and post a link. I'm sure I'm not the only one dying to see it :)