Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Update - May 5, 2010

Our little garden is coming along. We are harvesting a little something almost every day now (mostly peas and strawberries). Here are a few pictures and updates:

Here are some blueberries. We have two bushes and they are loaded down with pretty silver-blue berries. We are really going to enjoy these in a few months.

These are our yellow bush beans. They look a little droopy because we had just watered them with the hose and that usually temporarily knocks them down. Behind them, you can see russet potatoes which are growing like crazy.
These are "Small Sugar Pumkins" the boys planted a few weeks ago. If they fruit, the boys want to make pies from them.

These are "Sugar Snow Peas". We have been harvesting a few each day and some of them even make it all the way into the house before they are eaten :)

This is my parsley plant. It has been eaten down to the dirt several times by the adorable little woodland creatures, so I put this hardware cloth around it until we get the fence built. It seems to be working well.

These are our little "Black Prince" Russian heirloom tomatoes. This picture is almost a week old, and I cannot get over how much they have grown in that time.

These are some bunching onions that my Dad gave me from his garden. These never develop a full bulb, but serve nicely as green onions. He originally got these from my grandfather who was a farmer. Dad has been growing these for years without ever having to get new plants, since they make new onions by growing "babies" around the "mama".

These are the garden boxes my Dad built for us last year when we were in a rental. The tomatoes are planted here as are the snow peas, some bulb onions (red, yellow, white and sweet), some carrots, a few strawberries and spinach.

I do not have pictures of the rest of the strawberries, nor the pear tree with its thousands of little pears, nor the fig tree. For some reason, I also don't have a picture of the Swiss Chard, which is ok, since it is still pretty small. When there are more leaves on the new raspberry and blackberry canes, I'll post pics of those, too. Also, we have recently been gifted a loquat tree, which has the boys thrilled. It is still really small, but when we find a place for it, I'll post a pic, too.

The garden is small this year, but I am really hopeful. We are planning to remove some of the big trees near the house, which may free up some more space to garden. Do you have a garden update on your blog? Feel free to post a link in the comments, since most of my readers love to read garden updates. I know we'd all love to see what's going on in your garden. :)


Alea said...

Wow, it looks great! You might think it is small this year, but I bet you are going to be surprised by how much you produce. You should link this up at $5 dinners on Saturday, the other gardeners there would enjoy seeing all that you are growing.

My garden updates are all at We have had several days of warm weather and my vegetables are finally growing rather than just barely surviving.

The Book Lady Online said...

I love $5 Dinner blog and read it most days. I will try to remember to link up to her square foot gardening post. Great idea.

Thanks for posting your link to your gardening blog. I've gotten so many great ideas from your blogs. Glad things are growing now :)

MichelleZ said...

Everything looks great, Lori! It has been a while since I have been able to check in. I am really excited to see how well everything is. I had to giggle at the green bean part...the boys munch the beans while walking to the door too and we haven't been able to actually cook any yet, but I have to say I am guilty of eating them too they are very good right off the plant. :)