Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Really Hate Exercising

I was very fit in high school (I guess most of us were). Not only was I in ballet approximately 3 days a week, but I was also on a National Champion competitive cheerleading squad and we practiced every day, unless we were practicing twice a day. So how could I possibly hate exercising. I wondered about that for a long time. I wondered why I could not make myself get on a treadmill every day. Why did I avoid the stationary bike like the plague? We have a small stair climber, and I do use that sometimes - maybe once a week. I enjoy yoga, but can't make myself do it more than a few times a month. Why? My husband works out faithfully at least 3 times a week and he loves it. As an adult, I've often felt like a lazy failure because I could not make myself do it too.

For a while now I've thought that maybe it had to do with the exercise not really having a purpose outside of just the exercise. Its really hard to stay motivated to do something you really dislike just because you need the exercise. In high school, I enjoyed ballet, so I took classes. I didn't take classes because I wanted to exercise. It seems I may have been right. I spend approximately an hour and a half a day cutting, chopping, hauling, building and digging. I sweat more than I've sweat in years. I'm sore every day and I love it. I have not felt this healthy and in shape in 15 years or more and I am even slowly beginning to see the effects of all of this "farm" work on my arms, legs and waist. Very cool But to be honest, I'd continue with all the work even if I were not getting into better shape by doing it. I take care of the dog because we all love him. I dig and haul to build an organic garden so that my family has lots of fresh naturally grown fruits and veggies. I take care of the chickens so my family will have vitamin packed, healthy eggs in a few months and I cut down and chop up small trees on our property so that we will have firewood next winter. My "workout" has a purpose and I know that is what is keeping me going.

Do you enjoy working out? What do you do to stay fit?


Anonymous said...

I despise exercise. I refuse to do it. I hated it in high school too (btw, didn't know you were in cheerleading!) Despite what the "experts" say, you can lose weight without exercise.

Anyway, I do the same as you. I haul, I lift, I squat, and sweat like it's going out of style. It's called gardening.

I have noticed that since I started working at the restaurant, my legs and arms are much toner. I have to flip about 200 chairs 3 times per week. They weigh about 15lbs each LOL. And because I walk walk walk walk walk walk the whole time I"m at work, my legs toned up too. Amazing what exercise can do LOL.

I won't do it for the sake of exercise though.

Alea said...

the country life certainly has lots of health benefits!

I don't care for exercise though I do enjoy going on long walks/hikes. This evening my daughter was teaching my son some dance steps for the homeschool prom tomorrow and once she turned on music we all danced for over an hour. I am thinking about putting on music in the evenings; it is good exercise, but more importantly it was lots of fun!

The Book Lady Online said...


I was only a cheerleader for my junior and senior years. I enjoyed it my junior year but my senior year, it was a huge waste of my time.

And regarding losing weight without exercise, I'm with you - it is absolutely possible to lose weight without exercise,by changing the way and amounts that one eats. But it is NOT possible to lose weight with only exercise and not changing eating habits. I may just be a cynic, but I think the "experts" tell you diet and exercise so that when their diet does not work, they can blame the exercise (or lack of exercise) part for the failure to lose weight.

I really don't think I am losing weight, but I am toning up and I have much more energy and stamina. I just really feel good.

Alea, that sounds like such fun! The boys and I do that too sometimes and its always great. I hope your guy has a great time at prom :)

MichelleZ said...

You can about imagine how much exercise I am getting right now. :)