Friday, May 16, 2008

What do you cook with? What types of storage containers do you use for food?

Today I picked up a cast iron skillet (have wanted one for years - what took me so long? They are very affordable!), a stainless steel sauce pan and two glass storage containers. I'm really beginning to be very concerned about plastic storage containers and teflon coatings leaching chemicals into my family's food. Since most of our storage containers are plastic and all of our skillets/ frying pans and sauce pans are teflon coated, it may take a while to replace all of it, but that is my goal. What do you use? Any recommendations?


Melanie said...

I purchased Calphalon cookware from Amazon when they had an amazing sale (60-80% off) and was able to get rid of the teflon pans at that time. I also watch for Pyrex sales for food storage - I have a number of lidded pyrex bowls that are great for serving & storage.

The Book Lady Online said...

Oh, Calphalon ~ are they as great as they seem to be? What a great idea to watch for sales on Amazon. Thanks for the tip, Melanie.

The two glass containers I got are lidded pyrex bowls - one round and one rectangular. I'm really pleased with them and plan to get more as soon as we can. How many do you find you need?

Thanks for visiting and for commenting, Melanie. Its great to "see" you. Hope you all are well.


Mom24 said...

I've been worrying about these kinds of things also. I'm pitching the plastic and buying pyrex. I picked up a 2-pack of non-stick omelet pans at Bed Bath and Beyond that were a special "try me" price of $50. They are Calphalon contemporary. I have only used one so far to make a quesidilla, but the cheese didn't stick, so that's a good sign. They were $50, and then I had a 20% off coupon, so I ended up getting both pans for $40. Pretty good deal. It's a scary world, isn't it?