Friday, June 13, 2008

How things have actually happened

On Monday, I posted our menu for the week. A few things have changed since the menu was posted. First, I was sick on Tuesday, so we ate Monday's leftovers on that day. Second, the chicken we got from the farmer was smoked already, so it did not get turned into sticky chicken, lol. And, since smoked chicken isn't my favorite thing in pot pie, we had it with BBQ sauce on buns on Thursday.

Also, at the market, we found a few things we weren't expecting that we have worked into our meals this week, most notably, a cantaloupe- yummy! We've been snacking on it all week. Plus, we found locally grown blueberries to use in our blueberry muffins, which have been delicious. I think I'll probably freeze the muffins we still have so that they we can eat some next week.

I also made homemade hummus for the first time in a long time. It turned out wonderfully. A week ago, I soaked then cooked the dried chickpeas in the crock pot (love that crock pot!). They were frozen in1 cup packages. Yesterday, I pulled one out, defrosted it then used it in this recipe (adding water since there is no canning liquid). This recipe calls for peanut butter, but I used tahini paste instead. We snacked on it yesterday and will have the rest tonight with supper. Tonight's supper will be the last of the pastured chicken with hummus and veggies for dipping and tabouli using parsley from the garden and onions , cucumbers and tomatoes from the farmer's market.

Summer's bounty has made it really easy to eat locally grown this week.

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