Monday, June 2, 2008

Math Games?

I think my kiddos pick up more math from games than all of the lessons and worksheets I foist upon them. And don't think they'll let me get away with sneaking lessons in disguised as fun games. They can sniff out "educational" games quicker than Piccolo (our cat) can spot a bird. This morning, A & I played Uno and I was once again reminded how much they pick up just having fun. A is getting ready for Kindergarten this coming year, so we are still working on number recognition. Not surprising, Uno is perfect for practice. What did surprise me was that our next game, Clue, Jr. also offered number recognition practice (as well as counting practice and reasoning skills). It was a pleasure watching him working to recognize his numbers because he had a need to know them.

I think I'll teach him solitaire next ;o)

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