Thursday, July 3, 2008

Canning Local Fruit and Berries

Here's what I did this afternoon. The blueberries were picked just this morning when the boys and I went to a U-Pick blueberry farm. The peaches were grown by a local farmer :o) All in all a really fun day :o)


wendywoo said...

I am just wondering if the blueberry farm you wen to was around the Broussard area? I'm not sure where you are posting from, but I'm trying to find out if the farm I know of is still open.
Any help would be great.

The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Wendywoo,

Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I used to be in Broussard but about a year ago, we moved to North Louisiana. The blueberry farm we visited was between Natchitoches and Shreveport. We used to go to the farm outside of Broussard. I can't remember right now what its called. If you know where it is, you could maybe drive over and ask if they are still open. Good luck :o)


justme27 said...

Was this the farm in Gloster? I'm not sure if it's still blueberry season or not, but I'd like to get over there myself!

The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Justme27,

No, it was the farm in Frierson. They are no longer open, but I know that the farm in Haughton is supposed to be open at least a few more days. I've not even hear of the one in Gloster - we'll have to check it out. THanks!