Monday, August 4, 2008

Recipe: Fiesta Chicken

This is a really simple and quick recipe - I like to have the ingredients on hand for those days when we're too busy to cook.

4 Cups diced or shredded chicken
Fajita Marinade
1 Jar Salsa
2 cups (one can) black beans
! cup frozen corn

You can either use the marinade on uncooked chicken as a marinade or you can add it to the pot when you combine cooked chicken with the other ingredients. All you have to do to prepare this recipe is marinate the chicken, cook it, shred or dice it, then add the other ingredients to the pot until heated through. We like to eat it in tortillas with cheese, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes, but it also makes nice quesadillas.


Melanie said...

Oh, I love this recipe! I bet it'd be a great way to use up leftover chicken, too! thanks for the idea!

KJ Young said...

This sounds very yummy! My 14yr old loves to cook, so I'm passing this recipe along to her. Thanks! :)

The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Melanie,

I hope ya'll like it when you try it - we love it.

KJ, thanks for stopping by :o) It is a great, easy recipe - I hope your daughter has fun with it :o)


Brenda said...

That recipe sounds so good and so easy! Can't wait to try it - thanks for sharing!