Thursday, August 28, 2008

WEDNESDAY: Leftover Magic

Once again, I'm late with my Wednesday post :o( The kiddos have started getting up with the sun and going to bed at the same time as dh & I so posting will be much slower until that changes, since I have a hard time writing while listening to enthusiastic children chatter about their passion du jour. :o)

My friend Melanie has several great blogs and she also blogs for Prevention. Her recent post at Prevention inspired this leftover post. She blogged about how they cook their homemade pizza (brilliant!), and pizza is a great use for leftovers. Almost anything can make a great pizza topping. For example, when we have leftover chicken, it will often find itself on top of a pizza. One of our two favorites is BBQ Chicken Pizza, which combines shredded chicken, BBQ sauce and purple onions (which we often have in the fridge) plus cheddar cheese. The other is Chicken Alfredo Pizza which includes shredded chicken, a white sauce with garlic and parmigiana, any cooked veggie (we love spinach or mixed grilled veggies) and topped with whole milk mozzarella. Yummy! Add a salad and you have a complete meal, quick, easy and frugal, not to mention delicious.

Melanie's article on Pizza shared how their family will grill their pizza outdoors to avoid heating up the house. I love this idea! Not only will the house stay cooler, but the grill will give the pizza a gourmet flavor and texture. Yummy! We're having pizza for supper and it is definitely going on the grill! Thanks Melanie :o)

Do you have any leftover combinations that you like on Pizza?

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Melanie said...

Thanks, Lori! I get so many great ideas from your blog that I'm glad I could help you out!