Monday, February 4, 2008

Today's Learning

I wish I could remember where I read the idea of studying the states by learning each state bird. We began this today, of course starting with our homes state of Louisiana. We read several books about pelicans, colored a picture of the state and glued a picture of a pelican on that page, colored a state flag and colored Louisiana on a map of the United States. We also read interesting information about Louisiana. The boys seemed to enjoy this and I'm hoping to take one bird/ state per week although I'm not sure how we will handle those birds with more than one state. We are going to cover the states we know or have visited first before we move on to new territory. Hopefully, we will make a notebook out of the state maps and flags we color.

We also worked with Zome Tools today. A dear friend introduced us to Zome Tools a few years ago and the boys love them. They usually make free form designs from them. Zome tools are great for this but they are also wonderful for making mathematical models, elements and molecules and other fun things. Today, N built a model of a sphere from a kit, then he transformed that sphere into the Death Star (Star Wars). I was even more impressed when he created a model of R2D2 out of Zome Tools. I have pictures that I'd love to post as soon as I get my computer working right again.

Our read aloud picture books for today were, Max's ABC by Rosemary Wells, Big Tracks, Little Tracks: Following Animal Prints by Millicent E. Selsman, Jolie Blonde and the Three Heberts : A Cajun Twist on an old Tale by Shelia Heber Collins and 1001 Pirate Things To Spot by Rob Lloyd Jones.

We rounded things out with a little Math U See and a few pages of Explode the Code and then sent them outside to play before the rain starts.


Melanie said...

What a fun way to learn the states! When you get to Arizona, let me know and I can send you a postcard of the cactus wren! (I don't think any other state shares our state bird?) (

The Book Lady Online said...


Thank you for the offer! I will definitely take you up on it :o)