Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Today's Learning

Today, we painted with watercolors. Both boys were really into their work and produced several beautiful works filled with beautiful, vibrant colors. At least one painting from today by each boy will be framed to hang in their room.

We read The Weight of a Mass: a Tale of Faith by Josephine Nobisso which is such a touching book. I was so pleased that the boys seemed to understand the message, and they asked many questions and made several observations. Next we read Yellow Ball by Molly Bang which is a favorite at our house. It is one of the books from Before Five in a Row, so we have been reading it here for many years. We read Castles (Internet Referenced) to go along with our History Study. The boys are really enjoying reading about knights and castles and they have been spending a lot of time playing it as well. I just love how play reinforces the things we are studying. We also read and searched for things in The Great Castle Search. These search books are so fun, interesting, educational and engaging. The kids look at them for hours.

Just recently, Nicholas picked up his Usborne Phonics readers again. He likes to go back to these books again and again. I think its because they are fairly easy to read and are familiar to him. He has enjoyed them for years now and Andrew is starting to show an interest in them as well. Nicholas' favorite is Mouse Moves House.

This week, we downloaded this free copywork notebook from The Homeschooling E-Store. Its been a nice change of pace, and we are getting a nice bit of literature along with handwriting practice. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get a notice each week of their free item.

Nick has art class tomorrow and had some homework to finish, so he did that, then a few math u see pages and some phonics pages. This evening we will draw a name from our basket and pray a decade of the rosary for that person. Its been a pretty full day.

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