Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wrong Again?

Imagine that! I think I was, perhaps, wrong again. I've been avoiding letting my littles play video games because I've seen how addictive it can be. Plus, I wanted their learning to be based on the written word, and not as much on images and moving characters. Anyway, about a month ago, we began letting them play their Star Wars Lego game for a few hours a week, provided the week went well. This was mostly an incentive (::ahem:: bribe) for Andrew who, it seems at times, liked nothing better than to destroy learning. Well, its working which is a good thing.

More amazing, though, is that I found Nicholas at the table earlier, writing a list of the things he wants to do on the game. Its like pulling teeth to get him to do copy work, dictation or handwriting practice, but here he was, spelling words he's never even read, many of them Star Wars names. I was worried that video games might rob him of his incentive to learn. Happily, I was wrong :o)

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Melanie said...

I love the little things that suddenly spark my boys to write!