Monday, February 11, 2008

Today's Learning

Today's learning started at 7:00 this morning with Andrew's request for read aloud time. Nicholas was still asleep, so we chose some things especially suited for Andrew. When Nicholas was Andrew's age, we read through the Usborne Children's Bible and used it as a guide for science reading. For example, when we read the creation story, we read books about the sun, moon and stars (and did corresponding projects), then plants (and projects), animals (and projects) then the human body (and more projects). I thought Andrew might enjoy this, too, so today, we read the creation story then read a book called Sun, Moon and Stars, which is also an Usborne Book. We also sang:

I see the moon and
The moon sees me.
God bless the moon and
God bless me.

Andrew really enjoyed this, especially the song, which he has been singing ever since. We also did another lesson for him in Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Andrew is really enjoying these lessons and learning well from them. Its so funny how different each child is. We had this book for Nicholas and he hated it. So, I sold it - lol. Then had to get it again for Andrew when he ended up liking it.

Once Nicholas got up, we read Down Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle and talked a little about the author Ellis Credle. It turns out that she had to work and rework this book several times before she could find a publisher willing to print it. I love how her experience with persistence on this book is also the theme of the book. I told the kids the story and am hoping that they will make the connection. If not, I will mention it on Thursday. Nicholas also noticed several things in the book, such as the poetry mixed in with the prose, onomatopoeia, personification (the tables groaning with vegetables). I love how Five in a Row introduces all of these things because it helps our children to be more observant when reading or being read to.

We then made log cabins out of Lincoln Logs and talked about how in the story, their log cabin was snug. We put a candle inside their cabin and blew on the outside to demonstrate how air went through the spaces in between the logs. They remembered from reading Little House on the Prairie that Pa Ingalls chinked the log cabin to keep it snug, we we chinked our log cabin with play-doh. Pictures will come as soon as I get my computer photo editor working right again.

We are taking a break to run some errands and will return this afternoon to finish reading our books. I'll try to update later if time permits.

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