Friday, May 1, 2009

Garden Update 5-1-09

Here are a few pictures of the container garden. I'm amazed that it is growing. I'm not sure why, but I didn't expect it to grow and so I am very pleased that it is.

The tomato plant in the foreground is younger than the one towards the back, but is definitely growing faster.

Here is a picture of our lone tomato. Its a red cherry tomato. I hope it is joined by others very soon.

The mesclun lettuce mix is growing well. We're going to start using these is small salads next week. Usually, we just pick some of the outer leaves for our salad and not harvest the entire plant. That way, it continues to grow and we can make salads for months off just a few plants.

We also planted two watermelon plants in some of the landscaping, just to see if we could get them to grow and produce. Our oldest son has taken this on as his personal project. I hope its a success. Our youngest is planting sunflower seeds in another part of the landscaping. The area gets alot of sun, but not full sun all day, so I'm not sure how they will do, but again, we'll give it a try. We'll put up pictures once stuff starts sprouting.

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