Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Update 5-21-09

No pictures today as the garden (container) looks much the same as last week. We are still harvesting lots of herbs and having pesto and tabbouleh often. Yum!! Since things were growing well in containers, I decided to try planting some new containers. This week, I planted a few garlic cloves (just to see what will happen - never grown garlic, though I think this might be the wrong time of the year for planting), some heirloom carrots (lunar white, little finger and tendersweet) and my personal favorite, 5 Black Krim tomato plants. These are my all time favorite tomato and if the plants grow and produce, in 3 months, we'll be in tomato heaven :o) Hopefully we'll have baby plants to show next week.

Also, the owner of the house we rent recently told me that we are welcome to the fruit on the fruit trees. There are pear and fig trees on the property. Yay! There was a late frost this year which I think, killed most of the pear blossoms, but the figs are growing well.

Here are links to the last few weeks' updates if you'd like to see pictures:

5/12/09 - includes a picture of our dwarf lemon tree with lemons!!


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Melissa said...

I love pesto! No one else in my family does, though, so I don't make it.

I think garlic is traditionally planted in mid-October (Columbus Day). But I think it can be planted at other times of year, as well. I've grown it a few times, but don't plant it regularly.

Elaine said...

I would love to grow garlic as we love it here but everything I've read says it won't grow well up here and I don't want to attempt growing anything difficult at this time.

Elaine H