Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farmer's Market Finds

This was our Farmer's Market haul from the mid week market. I think we managed to buys a little something from each of the farmers there, which made the boys really happy (that watermelon is making ds#1 really happy, too). I found almost everything I needed to make salsa including three kinds of peppers. We are have to add onions from the grocery store, but they are locally grown, so I feel good about it. I'm making a really small "test batch" today. If we like it, we'll buy enough from the weekend market to make a full batch and can some. I'm also going to try pickling those banana peppers today. They were 10 for $1.00 and they are really big. I think we'll get at least one pint, maybe more out of it. Bryan likes banana peppers on his sandwiches, so if they turn out the way we like them, we'll buy more this weekend and preserve them, too.

What did you get at your market? Are you making anything special with it?


Anonymous said...

N looks pretty stoked about that melon! :) When we were on the coast this weekend I was pleased to visit two farmer's markets. One we happened upon in Gulfport coming back from the waterpark. The other one was in Ocean Springs and it was more eclectic with goat products, bakeries, candy makers, etc.

All I bought this morning was figs & cukes. I still have a huge pot of yellow meat melon I bought at the OS market Saturday.

The Book Lady Online said...

N loves watermelon. He's the reason we would spend $10 each on them last summer at the Shreveport market.

How fun that you found markets on your trip. The one in Ocean Springs sounds really great.