Monday, July 13, 2009

More Food Storeage Pictures

Here is the salsa (8 pints) from this weekend's farmer's market tomatoes. Also pictured are 3 pints of fig preserves we made from the fig trees on the property. This makes 5 pints plus the one's we've eaten fresh off the tree and the one's we dehydrated. The trees are still going strong, so I'm sure we'll have many more jars of figs before its all said and done.

Here are the Roma tomatoes and some figs still in the oven drying. Please ignore the oven-in-need-of-cleaning. If the kids like the figs this way, we'll make more. I'd also like to make a few more trays of "sun dried" tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

I so want a food dehydrator! It's just too hot to run the oven all day. My oven only goes down to 170, so I have to leave it cracked open to get the 150 needed for slow drying.

I've thought of drying things in my attic, but I'm worried it'll attract mice or something.

The Book Lady Online said...

I'd love a dehydrator, too. Right now its not in the budget, but I'm hopeful that one day it might be. My oven does have settings lower than 150 deg. and I was surprised that it did not heat up the kitchen much. Still, I'd love to have another way to dehydrate. If it ever stops raining here, I'm thinking of trying to dehydrate in the car -I've read online that lots of people have success with this as long as it is sunny- in the name of science, of course ;) . If you try out your attic, I'd love to know how it goes.