Thursday, July 9, 2009

Garden Update 7-9-09

We finally got rain over the weekend. For two days in a row, we had cloudy days, with mild temperatures and rain at night. I even collected a little of the rain in some buckets to water the garden later in the week. My plants really love the rain water so much better than water from the tap.

We still have not found a usable "worm compost" container, so they are still in the large garden container my Dad sent the compost home in. We have added kitchen waste to the compost along with a few leaves and some cardboard. I am amazed that it does not smell and that no animals have messed with it. We are still on the lookout for a permanent home for the worm composter, though.

Lemons and figs are getting close to full size. I'm hoping to see them start to ripen soon. Tomatoes are still ripening daily. These little guys are so flavorful that regardless of how we are gardening next summer, I hope to grow many plants of each variety. The herbs are growing well. We're going to have pesto tonight and I'm hoping to make tabbouleh this weekend. Basil and parsley are some other things I need to grow more of next year. In fact, parsley grows well here year round, so we're going to add a few plants when we get the fall garden going.

Here is a picture of that poor little blueberry plant that looked dead for a few weeks. You can see the new leaves starting to grow.

The peas I planted in the landscaping are surrounded by weeds, but they are finally starting to grow, thanks to the rain. No matter how much I watered them, they were surviving, but not thriving. Just a few days of rain did the trick. Trey look healthy and green and have started growing quickly.

The Black Krim tomato seeds I planted 6 or so weeks ago are still small seedlings (2.5 or 3 inches tall). I really think I just planted them too late and the heat is keeping them from growing. The milder temperatures seem to be helping a little as they are starting to put out new leaves. I wonder if taking them plants inside during the hottest part of the day might help. I think its time for an experiment :o)

How are things in your garden? Visit How Does Your Garden Grow, hosted by A High and Noble Calling to read more garden updates.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to pull up my tomatoes & cukes this weekend. They are basically done. I've tried keeping tomato plants after July and they just don't produce very well. I saved some seeds and plan to start them in cups this weekend. I'm going to re-plant the cukes straight into the ground.

I ordered seeds for my winter garden yesterday. I'm so anxious to begin. I've never done a cool weather garden.

Rachel said...

Everything looks great!!

Alea said...

You are doing so well with your container garden! I am sure you are inspiring others who have limited gardening space to give it a try.

I think your blueberries are going to make it. Yay!

The Book Lady Online said...

Thanks, y'all :o)

Alea, I hope you are right about that blueberry :o)

motherhen68, what are you planning to grow? Two years ago was the first fall/ winter garden I grew. We had lots of spinach, lettuce, carrots, onions, and broccoli. Last year, since we were in the process of moving, I just grew spinach and lettuce.

Anonymous said...

We're going to attempt lettuce, carrots, beets, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, and radishes. I'm really hoping for a lot of cabbage as Redd just loves this!

The Book Lady Online said...


You might be able to get a fall and spring planting of all of those things you listed. We've grown broccoli as a fall crop and then again as a spring crop and my dad has done the same with cabbage. Our lettuce and spinach usually grow fall, winter and spring on one planting (we usually plant mesclun and just pick the outer leaves so it continues to grow all winter and spring). Sometimes I think that makes the 100 degree summers worth it, lol.