Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eat Local Week - Aug 2 - 8

Our hometown newspaper had an article in the Saturday edition which mentioned that Eat Local Week was being celebrated in many parts of the country the week of Aug 2-8, including our home town. We usually try to eat locally grown as often as possible, but this week, I think we'll take the challenge and see if we can eat more locally than usual. We usually eat a few things a day that are local. I wonder how local we can make our diet for one week. I'll try to blog our eating for the week. I know we don't have a source of local grains, though we can try to cut that back a lot. We also don't have local cheese (at least I haven't found any yet), and our milk is not "local" in the sense that we bought it from a farmer, but we do have local fruits and veggies, eggs, meat and even some nuts. I think we can do a lot with that and then just fill in around the edges with non-local stuff. I think it will be fun - at least that's the plan - if it gets to be a stressful chore, we'll stop. I'll post a menu in the morning once I have a chance to inventory the pantry and freezer.

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