Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden Update 8-23-09

My parents came up to visit last week and brought me a birthday gift - a portable "raised garden bed" filled with "Mel's Mix" (1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite). It is 2X2 and set on casters so that I can move it around as needed to maximize sun exposure. How cool! I'd like to build at least 2 more.

The weather has been much cooler here and the summer plants are reacting with new growth and enthusiastic fruit production. We have tomatoes and peppers once again and the basil and parsley are growing with enthusiasm.

The fall garden plans are coming along as well. Already planted and growing (though small) are about 12 lettuce plants (mesclun), Planted today are three varieties of carrots, luna white, tendersweet and little finger. We planted 32 in all. I'm planning to get spinach planted this week as well as some spring peas, which I think will grow well here in the fall. Mid September, I hope to put in a few potato plants, some beets, onions, garlic and kale. Also, if there is space, I'd like to plant a few cabbages. And that's why I need at least two more "raised beds".


Alea said...

What a great present! I love the idea of having a garden on wheels; very creative!

The Book Lady Online said...

It was a great gift :o) One of my favorites ever! Its especially helpful that it is on wheels because there is no one spot in our yard that gets enough sunshine.