Monday, August 3, 2009

Even Ma Ingalls Did It

For much of human history, people have been trading their surplus with others who had a different surplus so that both had things they needed. Even Ma Ingalls used store bought flour, salt and sugar as well as other things to round out her pantry. So, I'd like to believe that I'm really not all that different than Ma Ingalls since we made pancakes for breakfast this morning, using non-local grains, lol. Hey, but we did use local eggs and honey. And if we were living in the prairie days, we would not have had butter for our pancakes without also having a cow, which we don't. So, I for one am grateful that we had yummy pastured, cultured butter at our store.

Ok, here's what we've had so far today. As mentioned, breakfast was pancakes made with many different grains, local pastured eggs, local blueberries and local pecans. And we smothered it in local honey. I think we did pretty good there on our eat local week challenge. The kids snacked on figs from the trees here, and a watermelon from the market. Also we made pear sauce in the crock pot with the pears we got at the market last weekend. Lunch was turkey sandwiches (the beef was not finished cooking at lunch time) with local tomatoes. Not as local as breakfast, but still, we did include something local. Supper, which is almost done is a roast of local grass fed beef with rosemary potatoes (both local) and sauted squash (local). Our oldest son loves broccoli so we are also having broccoli tonight, which is not local. That's ok. I'm glad I can get broccoli for him and I'm happy he likes it. Over all,I think our first day has gone really well, as we are not yet sick of eating the same things over and over, lol. I'll try to remember to get a picture of supper and if I manage to do it, I'll edit the post to include it.

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