Thursday, August 6, 2009

Garden Update 8-6-09

We are currently experiencing a thunderstorm, so I won't have pictures until later, when the rain stops. There really isn't much to see, though. Most of the garden looks like it is dying. We do have a few things growing, though. The sunflowers we planted a month or so back are growing well and flowers are forming. Sunflowers are so beautiful and are one of my favorite flowers, so I'm looking forward to the blooms. The lemons are also at full size and are starting to slowly begin showing some yellow. :) To say we are excited would be such an understatement! We all cannot wait!

Over the weekend, I will be acquiring boards and compost and I am hoping to put together a few raised beds to place over the (currently empty) landscaping for growing our fall garden. The container garden has been interesting, but honestly, did not even come close to providing us with enough produce for more than one or two side dishes a week. We need a bigger garden. And since it looks like we will be renting this place for a while, I am going to have to get creative and adapt it to suit our needs. I have most of our fall garden seeds ready, but I do need to get onion and garlic if I hope to grow them. Last fall, my Dad grew potatoes which I would like to do as well. I will also need seed potatoes. One thing I love about our climate (that I need to remind myself whenever we have weeks on end of 100+ degree temps) is that we can garden year round, so just as one harvest is ending, we get the excitement of starting over again, right away.

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Alea said...

We are renting as well. We are fortunate that our landlord does not care what we do with the property. The last tenents let their horses play in the back yard which destroyed the landscaping and sprinkler system, so anything we do is viewed as an improvement!

I hope the garden beds works well for you. I am amazed at how much we are able to produce in them. You will be able to grow more since you can garden year round!

Anne M. said...

And the good thing is it's easier to be creative on making more space then making the weather acceptable!

I would of LOVED to been able to do potatoes this year too. I'm hoping I get to next year =)

The Book Lady Online said...

Thanks for the comments. Our gardens in the past have been raised beds. I like those so much because then I don't have to try to fix the soil that is already there - just fill the bed with soil made from good compost. Can't wait to get it started.

Amanda said...

We are also renting. The landlord wanted to seed the yard (which is huge, we are on almost a double lot) and I told him not to since we pay for water and I didn't want to pay just to keep grass green. I told him I wanted to dig up part of it for a garden and he said I could do whatever I wanted. We are lucky! :) I have also posted a response to your comment on my blog: