Friday, August 7, 2009

Eating Local Update for Thursday

As this week progresses and we try to stay with a mostly local diet, it becomes clear that being extremely organized and prepared is essential to having a varied diet. Its funny. Eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) diet (years ago) which contains mostly corn seems so varied, yet eating a wider variety of things by eating real food from local sources seems limiting this week as we actually do it. I wonder why our bodies are reacting this way. I mean, with the exception of our protein source, we had a great deal of variety available to us, yet it does feel like we are eating the same things over and over again. Local stuff we have:

Yellow Squash
Patty Pan Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Blueberries (frozen)
Pickled Peppers
Pickled Okra
Red Peppers

This is a pretty big list of stuff, yet this week, it does not feel like a lot. I really think it might be the limited protein sources. We are used to eating a great deal more chicken and fish and since they are not on the list, I think we are missing them more acutely. Last night, we did have chicken (not local) with our locally grown veggies - and I remembered to take a picture :o)

We had chicken Parmesan with local cantaloupe, cucumbers and sliced sweet potatoes sauteed in butter and celtic sea salt. So yummy! That settles it - I've got to get serious about finding a local source of clean chicken. I'm going to ask every farmer this weekend at the markets (we are planning to go to three farmer's markets) if they know of anyone who has chicken available to sell. There has to be someone.


Anonymous said...

I think maybe it's because the "eat local" challenge comes at the end of the summer and we've been eating those things all summer long with little to no variation. I cannot wait for cooler weather veggies.

Our CSA had butternut squash for the last two pickups. Of course, not a lot, not enough at one time for a side dish. The one they gave me this past week was a giant, really ridiculous. I took the advice of Sarah's Musings and turned it into a base for a Cream of Butternut squash soup for later in the fall. Let me just say, I had a small bowl (with the cream added) for lunch and OMgosh it was so delicious!

As for local chicken, Gotreaux's has it occasionally. A friend of mine told me of a family that raises 100's of hens free range and butchers them all at one time in the fall (??), but they go for 20.00 a hen. If you're interested, lmk and I'll get the name & number.

The Book Lady Online said...

Oh I am so jealous of your butternut squash. Love butternut squash soup - heck, love it just about any way - yummy!

If the Gotreax's had chickens right now, we would buy them, but they have not had any since last fall, when they sold out of their entire stock in one day. If I cannot find anyone with chickens in Mississippi, I will get that name and number from you. I really miss pastured chicken. So yummy.

I think you are right, too about the challenge coming at the end of our summer growing season. That must be why I'm just not wanting to eat any of it. I'm actually at a point where I just skip eating if its something I'm sick of. Hmmmm . . . maybe I'll lose weight :o)