Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farmer's Market

Our mid week market provided these yummy finds: Watermelon, peaches, nectarines (picked 30 minutes before we bought them) and plums, plus one cucumber. Much of this is already gone - hurry up Saturday :o)


We went to the market on Saturday and ate everything before I thought to get a picture, lol. We bought blueberries (these were gone almost before we got to the car, lol), squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, 8 ears of sweet corn, a jar of plum jam, a few peaches, a cantaloupe and some home baked pita bread. We spent less than $20 and although it was a little more than we would pay at the grocery store, the taste is so superior to what is available at the supermarket that it is worth a few cents more. Plus I love knowing that we are supporting the local farmers in our community. When we buy from the grocery store, mere pennies per dollar spent on food goes to the farmer. When we buy directly from the farmer, the whole dollar goes to the farmer.


Anonymous said...

I bought a melon Saturday. We were to cut it on Sunday for Father's Day, but obviously, since you saw us at Jason's Deli, that didn't happen :)

We cut it Monday night during the LSU game and omg, it was so good. Notice the word "was". It's gone. It was gone by Tuesday. I bought another one this morning.

I also bought some peaches, but was not enamored by them. They are ok, but not worth the cost.

The Book Lady Online said...

It was great to see y'all Sunday. How did the evening game go?

We bought peaches at the Saturday Market in Laf. They were very ripe and so yummy. I'm sorry yours we not up to your expectations. That is so disappointing. I think its especially disappointing at the farmer's market because most things are so fresh and so yummy, that when you get a dud, it is so much more obvious. The peaches we got here in MS at the mid week market were disappointing - not fully ripe but we could not tell until we cut into them. :( We still have a few and I hope the flavor improves by letting them ripen for a few days.