Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garden Update 6-4-09

When it comes to gardening, I'm like a junkie. I'm always wanting more. The unexpected success of my little container garden has encouraged me to continue adding new plants. As you'll see in the update, we've put some of the garden into the decorative landscaping and I'm considering trying my hand at blueberries in a container (just for this season - as soon as we buy, blueberries would go into the ground). Okay . . . on to the update:

We're harvesting cherry tomatoes this week! They are so cute and they are so delicious.

The red bell pepper plant has one large pepper on it and several small peppers. I'm still amazed that things are growing and bearing fruit in containers. This has become such a fun gardening experience.
These sweet Black Krim tomato babies are getting stronger every day. Some of them are starting to get true leaves which means I'd better get more containers because I want to transplant them as soon as they are strong enough to handle the move. I am so looking forward to these tomatoes. I hope they survive and I hope we get tomatoes from them.
The dwarf lemon tree has so many lemons growing that it needed support not to fall over. So I moved it and several of the flowers to the front of the house and tied the poor dear to the railing.
Here is a close-up of a lemon. They are getting bigger. Yay! In the background of this picture, you can see a landscaping bed. There were a few weeds in that bed, but not much else, so last week, the boys and I put some bean seeds into the ground, just to see what would happen. To our delight, they sprouted. We planted two varieties, one purple and one yellow. I'm thinking of adding some green in another week. If these work out we can have fresh green (and purple and yellow) beans to snack on and cook with and maybe enough to can some dilly beans, too.

If you are interested, I also posted an update on my garlic experiment. I've included a really helpful like for those interested in growing your own garlic.

Put your garden update on your blog and link up over at How Does Your Garden Grow hosted by a High And Noble Calling. Us garden junkies can't wait to read your update!!


Melissa said...

I've tried to grow tomatoes in containers, but I got tired of watering them twice every day. Yours look great, though!

Can the dwarf lemon stay outdoors in winter? (What kind of climate do you live in?)

The Book Lady Online said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, the only thing I don't like about container gardening is having to water a lot. I imagine I will soon have to water several times a day as it will be getting HOT here this summer. We live in the deep, deep South. I will probably try to find an alternative to hand watering, like some sort of self watering device. I'm afraid I'd forget and everything would die.

In our area, we can keep our lemon tree outdoors year round, covering it during the night if the temps drop below freezing. Because it was in a container, we brought it inside during the infrequent freezes we experienced this past winter.

Thanks again for your visit and your comment :o)

Melissa said...

I figured the lemon tree couldn't stay outside through our New Jersey winter. :) Thanks for your reply and for stopping by my blog.

byhisgracealone said...

some of my grden ended up in containers...the bell peppers, lettuce and spinach and cherry tomatoes....I didn't think about the fact they would need to be watered more often...quess I better get my gardeners thinking cap on pronto!! It is not hot here...we actually had a frost sunday eve and we covered all the beds and brought in all the goes on...

thanks for stopping by my blog...

Lori said...

Oh, a dwarf lemon!!! Now I'm just gonna have to get one. :) I wonder if they'd do good in East Tennessee? Your pepper plant is bigger than mine are! :) Everything is looking good Lori! Way to go!

Melissa @ said...

Your tomatoes look great! We have one of our tomato plants in a container, too. It hasn't produced yet, but it is growing!

Alea said...

Your garden looks wonderful. I love seeing how you are improvising to make your garden a success!